HOT LOVE - Swiss Punk and Wave 1976-1980 by Lurker Grand BOOK (EX)

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One of the BEST books that we have ever come across on a detailed Punk scene... This is the second edition which is printed in English and German. An extensive and varied history of the Swiss punk scene from 1976 to 1980, compiled for the first time and told chronologically. The music, the scenes, the protagonists, the cities, the events: Hot Love - Swiss Punk & Wave 1976-1980 is a captivating book about a piece of Swiss cultural history. Hot Love shows the individual characters of the individual protagonists and the "do it yourself" spirit of the scene. The focus is also on the specific Swiss component. Hot Love is not just another punk book, but a very personal, humorous and inspiring contemporary document about five formative years in Switzerland. Awarded with the prize for the most beautiful Swiss book 2006


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