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After the recent advance singles “Move On” and “Like Wind To A Cloud”, both released on elegant and eye-catching colored vinyl in 7″ format, THE VINYLOS from Tenerife release their third album, called Club Virginia. A new step in a career dotted with small but indisputable achievements, in which after an exquisite repertoire full of dreamy white pop n' soul compositions -with accurate outbursts of garage beat that always hit the target- they have become firmly entrenched among the tastes of the most influential gurus of the international sixties scene since they debuted in 2013 with the 7″ EP No Trash. It is therefore not strange to listen to them on the regular programming of stations in the US, Sweden, UK, Germany, Argentina, Mexico... or graphically contemplate their exploits in the main written publications. Well-known half-aesthetes who savor with a fine palate each new song extracted from the increasingly prestigious Suárez/González factory. You just have to take a walk on any given day on their social networks to witness it. And of course, THE VINYLOS have the unconditional support of their large and permanently active core of fans who exhaust each of their albums and mobilize enthusiastically when the band moves its base of operations from the island to get closer to some point in the peninsula or Europe where we can delight ourselves with some of their incendiary performances. For all this, and more, Club Virginia arrives at the best time, and is revealed as a necessary work of our time. Optimistic. The soundtrack that transmits the feeling that our troubled future demands. There are no songs more perfect and radiant than these, always playing in a skilful balance between formal academicism and a real and deep feeling, that which only the humility of the knowledge of the great masters grants. Pay attention to us and let yourself be seduced by the grooves of Club Virginia. The moment is now.

There is two editions to this release, a blue cat on the sleeve and a green cat on the sleeve.


A-1--Like Wind To A Cloud

A-2--All She Wants To Do

A-3--Club Virginia


A-5--What Can I Do

A-6--I'll Be Right On Time

A-7--The Rain Comes

B-1--Move On

B-2--Makin'it Change

B-3--Fade Away

B-4--Lovely Day Of June

B-5--When You Look At Me

B-6--Sweet Summer Days

B-7--With Your Song

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