20th FLIGHT ROCKERS - Quality Time - CD (NEW) (P)

20th FLIGHT ROCKERS - Quality Time - CD (NEW) (P)

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Neo-Rockabilly, Neobilly, Swingabilly, whatnot… The band covers a variety of styles, but you can bet your 49 Merc there will always be a driving RAB guitar and a ton of hooks, topped with that signature sweet, yet powerful vocal. Oh, and that throbbing pulse from the doghouse, drums and the 88 is not hurting either!


1-It's All Right-

2-Hello Love-

3-Quality Time-

4-Blue Open Water-

5-One Night Stand-

6-Baby Blue-

7-Stretchy Rope-

8-Rock Show-

9-I Put My Foot-

10-I Got To Go-

11-Love Ride-

12-You've Got It All-

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