BASTARDS, THE - SchizoTerrorist LP (+ POSTER INSERT) (NEW) (P)

BASTARDS, THE - SchizoTerrorist LP (+ POSTER INSERT) (NEW) (P)

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(A TOTAL MUST HAVE! AN OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THIS…KILLER long awaited LP of nine snotty Swiss Punk blasts from April/May 1978 by the first and best punk band from Geneva (home also to JACK & THE RIPPERS, THE YODLER KILLERS, and TECHNYCOLOR etc.)!! THE BASTARDS were first called THE SLAM, and THE SLAM rate as the first true Punk band from Switzerland. Their family tree goes back to the mid 60s. On this historic Swiss Punk LP you get to hear some truly fantastic Punk vocals courtesy of THE BASTARDS sexy, pissed-off, female lead-singer MARIE-PIERRE, as well as from the fabulous, male BASTARDS bandleader and songwriter SANDRO SURSOCK, who by the way was responsible for all these classics. The lead guitarist RALPH PEREZ could really orgasm on his instrument! BENJAMIN GARCIA was responsible for the rhythm part of THE BASTARDS dynamite Punk sound, while JEAN-FRANCOIS PIVAT (THE BASTARDS amazing bass player) could unfortunately not make it for the front cover photo session, but whose talents are still saved on all these fabulous trashy Punk recordings. The speedy drum attacks from DIDIER DANA are also just absolutely incredible and very important for the back beat as well. This never before released Swiss Punk LP includes all 3 killer classic tracks off THE BASTARDS super rare and lone 1979 EP on the Zaki label: "Impossibilities," "Danger," "Schizo Terrorist;" as well as 4 previously unreleased cuts from the same May 13th 1978 T.H.C. recording studio session: "I Can't Stand Your Guts," "I Don't Care," THE BASTARDS killer previously unreleased 2nd Single of "Loser" b/w "Apathy," plus 2 never before released TOP sound quality live tracks: Gloria (ultimate punk version of the P. Smith version), and a raw live version of Danger. This will be a KILLER LP for friends of the classic early punk sounds the likes of THE HEARTBREAKERS, RAMONES, RICHARD HELL, THE STOOGES, REAL KIDS, SEX PISTOLS, LURKERS, GUILTY RAZORS, SAINTS, KIDS etc. This thick 180 gramm LP ships with a large 2-sided BASTARDS bonus Poster inside, and comes with detailed English written liner notes by THE BASTARDS leader Sandro Sursock himself! This 100% official LP has a full and authentic sound quality AND comes on 180grm vinyl)




A3-Schizo Terrorist


B1-I Can't Stand Your Guts

B2-I Don't Care

B3-Danger (Live)



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