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‘Shake!’ is a 17 song compilation featuring a shed load of great bands  - from Tom Hingley & The Lovers (ex-Inspiral Carpets & The Fall) to The Solarflares (descendents of the legendary Medway garage band, The Prisoners), from The Gene Drayton Unit (Hammond & Horns combo with a residency at London's 100 Club) to New York's finest, the groove just continues. Established acts from the Modern World, such as Long Tall Shorty, Small World, The Threads, Yeh-Yeh, Yellowcayke and The Risk are joined by top bands from the "live" circuit, 17 Black and The Golden Hour, and the exciting new talents of Archive45, Face, J60 and The Points. Packed full of enthusiasm, song writing talent and a wealth of gigging experience, this collection of artists show the awesome sound that is still prevalent in the underground purveyed to the switched on set. Made by the scene and for the scene.

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