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What an historic release that features A whole bunch of artists came together to record this record for charity. Deep breath now everyone… It features Ronnie Wood, (The Rolling Stones/The Faces/The Birds), Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene), Mark Joseph (Warner Bros Records), Chris Farlowe, PP Arnold, Molly Marriott (Steve’s daughter), Jimmy Winston (Small Faces), Emma Winston (Jimmy’s daughter), Mike Evans (The Action), Art Wood (The Artwoods), Reg Presley (The Troggs), Billy Nicholls (Immediate Records), Andy Ellison (John’s Children), Dave Cairns (Secret Affair), Steve Rinaldi (Rinaldi Sings), Roger Dunbar (The Untamed), Fay Hallam (Makin' Time), Buddy Ascot (The Chords), Simon Stebbing (Purple Hearts), Brian Kotz (Back To Zero), Rod Spark (Modus), Small World, Mark Le Gallez (The Risk), Paul Hooper-Keeley (The Threads), Andy Houghton (Yeh-Yeh), Brent Yeomans (17 Black), Trevor French (The Clique), Danny McAllister (The Boss), Dave Winthrop (Secret Affair), Tony Uprichard (Little Barrie), plus numerous bands of today such as Face, The Points, The Hideaways, Peacock Avenue, Roundabout, Contrast, J60, Smashing Time & Grasp. And it was produced by Ian Page of Secret Affair. . The release also contains a recording of “Afterglow (of your love)” and a nice solo version of “What'cha” by Mark Joseph.


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