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‘Shout!’ is a 18 track compilation featuring the latest crop of new Modernist type bands that is keeping the Mod / 60’s scene alive! This shinny little platter brings you such gems from the likes of The Gene Drayton Unit (Hammond & Horns combo with a residency at London's 100 Club), Ian Page & the Affair (ex frontman of the mighty Secret Affair), Phaze (featuring Fay Hallam of Makin Time & Allan Crockford of the Prisoners), Modus etc…...  Packed full of enthusiasm, song writing talent and a wealth of gigging experience, this collection of artists show the awesome sound that is still prevalent in the underground purveyed to the switched on set. Made by the scene and for the scene.


Featured bands:
1) Prove It (New Version) – Ian Page & The Affair
2) Good Will Come – Phaze
3) Boogaloo No 3 – The Gene Drayton Unit
4) Watch Out – Modus
5) All This Time – The Marksmen
6) Kneejerk Reaction – The Green Circles
7) Without Her – Roundabout
8) Mean Mrs Martyr – Peacock Avenue
9) Givin' Up On You – The Impact Four
10) Weekend – Yeh-Yeh
11) Dirty Barberas Dirty Dreams – Leicester Squares
12) Movers and Shakers – 17 Black
13) No Conversation – The Moving Sounds
14) I Want You Around – The Automatics
15) Take My Time – The Hideaways
16) I Can't Don't Want To Faster – The Shambles
17) Latin Lounge – The Ecosse Modernist Orchestra
18) Don't Know Why – Grasp

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