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‘Long Tall Shorty’ Kicking their own brand of red hot Rhythm and Blues and taking it back to the beginning and reassembling the building blocks. The talk of the London scene, LTS reflect the current Modernist attitude in 2005.
Having unveiled their new sound last year they shift up a gear with the addition of some new personnel and during the summer will be consolidating their position with a series of electrifying gigs and record releases. There is little to say other than check them out. Any preconceptions you may have are sure to be overturned.
This is unashamedly Mod with a capital M, smart and sharp. Nothing watered down, or fashioned to fit today's current styles, just pure undiluted Rhythm and Blues the way it should be played. They are the only Mod band on the scene doing anything like this and they have teamed up with Biff Bang Pow, the UK's only Mod label to specialise in contemporary bands. The perfect partnership. Stand well back, the touch paper has been lit. Should they be playing somewhere near you, slip into some sharp threads and get on down to the gig. If not, make sure you buy the record - if it's Mod you want it's Mod you'll get...

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