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‘The Bresslaws ’ So who on earth are these Blesslaws? On lead vocals is Vic, bashing away on the skins is Spud Gun, plucking the bass strings is Doctor. Backing vocals and guitar is Stretch and the man with the magic fingers on the keyboard is Lofty. The sound we hope has a raw live quality to it. We record our tracks, (with Jim Riley from Ranscombe studios at the controls) in two or three takes and we hope to get that down to one or two as we record the album on the occasional Saturdays once a month. ãWhy not record it in one go? Well, we have jobs, like the vast majority of people in bands, Saturday is a day that we are all available, when I haven't got to take a Wedding that is.ä After scratching away at the surface, we were surprised to find that Vic Bresslaw was in fact a real live Medway Vicar, the Rev'd. Andy Harding.
So who are these Bresslaws really? ‘There's me, Andy Harding (Vic Bresslaw) on Vocals; Gav Davies (Stretch Bresslaw) founding member on Guitar and a former John Lennon in Beatles tribute band Îthe Bootles'; Tony Bailey (Lofty Bresslaw) former bass player of Mod Revivalists ‘The Heads' and well known local musician; Si Phillpotts (Spud Gun Bresslaw) skinhead drummer and stalwart of the Bristol indie scene of the 80's with ‘The Artisans' and ‘Sweet Georgie Brown' and Paul Fox (Doctor Bresslaw) on Bass and a leading light in the Isle of Sheppey scooter scene and if you have any scooter mechanical problems and he's cheap!
Oh, and is your name anything to do with Bernard Bresslaw, the Carry On film legend?
ãYes. It's our tribute to the great man. He gave so many people so much joy and laughter and he should never be forgotten. I only arsk'd!

Featured tracks:

1. Captain Fantastic.
A rockin' little number,could very easily be the theme tune of one of those Saturday morning 'Super Hero' cartoons that we won't admit to watching.
2. Moonlit Night
With a guitar riff very reminicent of The Kinks 'Tired of Waiting' this is my favourite track of the single.Everything is there,everything is just perfect.
3. Backfist Baby
Rhythm & Soul played at 100mph it has everything from 60's to Revival,what more could you want?

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