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‘Shimmy!’ THE long awaited third in the trilogy of compilations from Biff Bang Pow that highlights their "Modernist Music For Today" has just been released. "Shimmy" follows the other two spectacular compilations, "Shout" & "Shake" with a further 20 tracks mixing the various styles and moods that's encompassed in the "Mod" music scene of today. From the starting beat to the finishing note, you know you've got the music with the quality, style & sharpness of the suit or the dress that you wear!

Mark Joseph opens up the proceedings with the kickin` number, "Get Back Sally", followed by "Stand Up" by The Fay Hallam Trinity, another quality number is, "Goodbye Tuesday" by Adrian Holder, let`s have a little Hammond Jazz with, "Back In The Chicken Shack" by Getaway, "Before The Night" by The RT4, superb revival-esque style, "Shake Some Action" by Thee Jenerators, Mark Le Gallez & Co with a top garage fuelled number, crackin` funky soul beat with "Out Of The Blue" by The Soul City Experience, one of my top picks, "What The Papers Say", another brilliant tune by the Mod stalwarts, Yeh Yeh, Aussie Modsters, Green Circles excellent offering, "Brown House In Stepney", proving the land downunder is as cool as us Brits!, "Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday", another quality track from one of BBP`s newest signings, The Lost 45`s, swinging 60`s influenced R&B, "She`s Arrived" by The Impact Four, just gotta be my pick of the CD, fantastic!, Mod-ern swinger, "Just Add Some Colour" by Immediate, is another top track, "There's A Place" by Small World, continues the quality, "Night & Day", a R&B rocker by Long Tall Shorty, here's another Mod-ern minded powerpopper, "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" by Mojo, flowing nicely into the Medway sound of The Bresslaws and their top tune, "Backfist Baby", a Mod Radio UK favourite as is, "Supercool, Supercruel" by the Freebooting Profiteers, both tracks have topped our Top 20 chart!, French Modettes, Curlee Wurlee, add a little European cool into the proceedings with, "L`Essence Des Sans", "Keep Your Soul Clean" by Darren J Connett, another 60`s influenced number with a wicked catchy beat, top class! Last Track, "Saturday In Soho" by The Flying Squad, which is a superb Meynell & Bowie inspired ditty.




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