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‘Long Tall Shorty’ In their natural habitat of East London Pubs and underground Soho Clubs, the sharp suited Long Tall Shorty played their own explosive brand of sharp shootin’ Rhythm & Blues throughout the summer of 2005. This album is dedicated to the ultra smart audience (the 50 faces) who supported the band on those hot, sweaty nights. They will know who they are. Somehow through all the chaos, the band managed to find their way into the studio and record their set. This is what is contained on this album. We hope you enjoy it. Turn the volume up loud, light the touch paper and stand well back…
..for the 50 faces!

Featured tracks:

01. Women and trouble
02. The Stumble (King)
03. Fools blues
04. Walking down the line
05. Missing
06. I’ll put a spell on you
07. Two can play
08. Girl like you
09. Gone fishing
10. Nightime
11. Bitch
12. Night and day
13. No good woman
14. Raining again


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