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‘Speakeasy!’ What happens when you take 5 legendary musicians spanning 4 different eras of Mod history, and lock them in the infamous Toe Rag Studios for 2 days?
Well that’s exactly what Biff! Bang! Pow! Records have done with Mike Evans (The Action/Mighty Baby), bass player of possibly the coolest band of the 60’s, drummer Buddy Ascott (The Chords/Pope) & guitarist Simon Stebbing (The Purple Hearts/RT4) who were both at the forefront of the 1979 Mod Revival, & vocalist Mark Le Gallez (The Risk/Thee Jenerators) & also Hammond Player/Vocalist Fay Hallam (Makin’ Time/The Fay Hallam Trinity), who were both icons of the mid-80’s scene. All 5 are still happily playing on todays’ scene.
On top of that we then asked Simon, Mark & Fay to bring a self-penned number to the studio, and then we locked the door for 2 days. And what you’re hearing on this disc, ‘Speakeasy!’ – the ToeRag sessions, is the result of what happened over the weekend of 21/22 January 2006. 5 musicians covering 4 eras of the scene interpreting 3 very different songs in 2 days in the 1 and only Toe Rag Studio in London!

1. Soul Searching (S. Stebbing)
2. Love & Understanding (M. Le Gallez)
3. Seeds (F. Hallam)

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