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‘The Bresslaws’ The Bresslaws are a band based in the Medway Towns in Kent  - the former playground of Thee Milkshakes and the Prisoners, and more recently The Buff Medways and The Solarflares. The Bresslaws sound owes a lot to the heritage of the Medway Garage bands but they add their own unique style to the genre. What sort of music do we play? We are a bunch of Mods playing in a Garage band. I think that is the best way of summing it up,ä says lead vocalist Vic Bresslaw. ‘Or should I say a ‘Set' of Mods’ definitely not a ‘Gaggle' though he adds. ‘We are a five piece band playing the music that we love. We were brought up with the sounds of the Mod and Ska revival from 1979 onwards, and then the Medway Garage scene which took off in the early eighties and is in fact still going strong. The sixties are obviously a great influence on us, as with all Mods, and you can probably hear many influences within the sounds that we play.

1)    I only asked

2)    Backfist baby

3)    Machine gun Bobby

4)    People get ready

5)    Bernie's boogaloo

6)    Little Johnny Clay

7)    In love

8)    Lies

9)    Won't you tell me

10)   Captain Fantastic

11)   Have love will travel

12)   A no good woman

13)   Don't walk away

14)   Ranscombe Fayre


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