BIDONS, THE - Clamarama CD (NEW) (M)

BIDONS, THE - Clamarama CD (NEW) (M)

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"Clamarama" was recorded at the VDSS Recording Studio (Morolo, FR). Twelve pure garage rock bullets. Raids from screaming fuzz, piano, organ, theremin and sax create a sound structure influenced by the punk urgency, the power pop impulsivity, the surf carefreeness and the rough essentialness of rock and roll. "Clamarama" offers a twine of brash and percussive intrigues, a sonic explosion of disinhibition, sex, insanity and colours at a Sixties party.

The Bidons were born in 2005 when a bunch of rock'n'roll, garage and punk inspired fellows end up holding instruments and making tons of noise. The band gets around to be particularly productive over the years in the Southern Italy underground scene by supporting international and national bands like Fuzztones, Dirtbombs, Crash Normal, Bradipos IV, Rippers, Pitch, Fratelli Calafuria, 24 Grana, 99 Posse e Joy Cut.

In 2011, the band started to work out on their own material, both leaning on 60's/70's influenceand on personal research. In the April of 2012 their first album "Granma Killer!!!" was realeased, a DIY production distributed by Area Pirata Rec.. In the same year, the tune Too Much Fun was selected to be part of a 3D short film soundtrack, produced by the Vancouver Film School.

On the 6th of December 2013, the band gave birth to their sophomore album "Back to the Roost", which has been nicely welcomed by the critics. Thanks to their work, the band has toured across Italy all along 2014 and 2015.

At the end of 2014, the band faced a big change: the guitarist Nico Plescia left the band towards new musical horizon.

Between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, the band, in their new line-up, decided to start composing new song, twelve of them are the tracklist of their new album "Clamarama". Nowadays, the Bidons' line up is a Garage Rock Combo made by the founder Albino Cibelli (vocals), Gianmario Galano (guitar and backing vocals), Ezio Marinato (bass guitar and backing vocals), Mario Siniscalco (Drums and percussion).


1. Do It Alone
2. French Words
3. 101 Ways
4. Backdoor Man
5. Fuck Tomorrow
6. Let's Start from the Pants
7. Keith Is Dead
8. Help Me to Hell
9. By the Shore
10. Margaretha
11. Chain Reaction
12. Life Is a Bite

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