BOOZE BOMBS, THE - Out Of Time - CD (NEW) (P)

BOOZE BOMBS, THE - Out Of Time - CD (NEW) (P)

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This is the fifth album from The Booze Bombs - and if you haven't discovered them already, now is the time to set the record straight.

The Booze Bombs emerged from Germany's Black Forest in 2004, and since them have build a solid reputation and a strong fanbase all over Europe and the USA too.

Out Of Time presents 13 rockin' tracks, with 9 brand new originals and 4 great covers.


1-Gone Away-

2-I Still Cry-

3-Take My Heart-

4-Rooster In The Henhouse-

5-If You're Gonna Shake It-

6-Rampa Di Arresto!!!-

7-It's About Ten-

8-Lonesome Nights-

9-Sweet Willie-

10-Black Rat Swing-

11-I Went Insane-

12-Never No More-

13-I Want Some Lovin'-

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