BO-WEEVILS, THE - Anthology DCD (NEW) (M)

BO-WEEVILS, THE - Anthology DCD (NEW) (M)

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This 2xCD set features 30 songs spanning 150 minutes of music, a 20 page booklet with rare pix, complete discography and extensive liner notes from founding member Neil Rogers.

The Bo-Weevils were a psychedelic rock band blending psychedelic music, pop music, garage rock and rock music which formed in early 1985. Their early garage incarnation was a lot easier to classify and won fans easily, but the band evolved away from these roots from the late 1980s into more cerebral and accomplished directions. They released four studio albums, Where Particular People Congregate (1988), Destroyer of Worlds (1990), Reap (1992), and Burn (1994) before they disbanded in 1999. Australian musicologist, Ian McFarlane described the group as "one of the first Australian bands of the 1980s to play wild, 1960s-inspired garage-punk".


1-1-Captain Nemo's Secret Garden





1-6-Middle Of Nowhere

1-7-Fresh Daily

1-8-Vanity Fair

1-9-Into Sunshine

1-10-Weary Smile


1-12-Indian Bride


1-14-Stormy World

1-15-I Was Wrong

1-16-Head Full

2-1-Palestine (Live)

2-2-G.O.D. (Live)

2-3-Planetarium (Live)

2-4-Past Lives (Live)

2-5-Ward 28 (Live)

2-6-Ain't Coming Back (Live)

2-7-Breakdown (Live)

2-8-Closer Still (Live)


2-10-Jay's Song

2-11-Cheap Wine

2-12-Have You Been To Mars

2-13-Working Man

2-14-She Said (Live)

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