COILS, THE - Do You Remember? CDs (NEW) (P)

COILS, THE - Do You Remember? CDs (NEW) (P)

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40 years after the band first formed; and 39 years after the band originally split-up; all four original members have now got back together which wasn't easy as they all live in different countries around the world but have recorded these TWO new tracks. They were inspired to do so after their appearance on our very own Bored Teenagers #9 and the world is celebrating 40 YEARS OF PUNK ROCK!

These two new tracks are ultra catchy and will have you humming them all day!


Only 200 copies being pressed and 160 copies are already sold in advance to the band and the bands family, so ONLY 40 copies will be available.

<<< Pre-Orders being taken now so if you would like your copy in advance to this actual release date, get your order in NOW! >>>


The Coils- The band that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth.


The Coils were once described as a band that left a nasty taste in your mouth and more recently as one of the best undiscovered punk rock bands of the 70’s.

Forty years after they first got together at the age of seventeen playing songs that reflected the life surrounding them with borrowed equipment and an attitude to match, The Coils are releasing their first recordings in 40 years on the Only Fit For The Bin record label.

Following the inclusion of their original recordings from the summer of 1978 on the highly collectable Bored Teenagers 9 Undiscovered Punk series (Bin Liner Records), the band have written and recorded two new songs that they feel reflect :

“ what it feels like to be a bloke who’s seen his best, if you know what I mean”.

Gary Nattrass, Gavin Burns, David Dwek and Andrew Hodgson have never been in the same place at the same time since their schooldays in Morpeth. Today they may rely on heart medication and an early night, but they are definitely “up for this” and are planning a reunion in a room above a pub somewhere soon!

The first track “ Do You Remember?” should trigger some glorious (and yet melancholic) memories for anybody who “was there” as a teenager in 1977. As it says;

“ Laughing with your eyes, disappointment was a surprise.”

The second track “Bam-Bam” can be played at any speed. It’s about the sharp-suited wide-boys and girls who are sucking the life out of Britain and it's public services which are very sadly disappearing fast as the “Upper Class Cretins” get even richer.

The original ethos of the band was always to play it once then sod off, however these two new tracks have been digitally produced over time with Gary managing to tease out an authentic 70’s punk sound, using an original analogue mixing desk in the final mix stages.

Morpeth, written about in Gary's song “ The Land of the Dead”, is a small market town in Northumberland. None of the Coils live there anymore.

<<< Limited pressing of only 200 copies - the band are taking 160 copies so DETOUR will only have 40 copies available >>>

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Do You Remember?

Bam Bam



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