COLLABOS - Complete Discography 1983 - 1985 CD (NEW) (P)

COLLABOS - Complete Discography 1983 - 1985 CD (NEW) (P)

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Les Collabos were a French Street punk rock. The group was founded in Brest in 1982 and, until its separation in 1985, was part of the Oi! Provincial label around the Chaos Production label.

We find the band on several compilations like Chaos in France volume 1 and 2 and 1984, The First Sonic World War as well as on their unique mini-LP appeared at the end of 1984. Their music is similar to that of English bands such as Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Toy Dolls and other Oi! / Street Punk bands from the time…

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2-Bop Pap Labidoup-

3-L'Innocent Du Village-



6-Bouton D'Or-

7-Ta Soeur-

8-Eté 69-

9-Joh Lave-

10-Sylvain Bergaste-

11-Agenouille Dans Les WC-

12-Ete 69-

13-Bop Pap Labidoup (v.d.)-



1-9 - "s/t", LP 1983
10 - from v/a "Chaos en France volume 1", LP 1983
11 - from v/a "The first sonic world war", LP 1984
12 - from v/a "Chaos en France volume 2", LP 1984
13 - from v/a "France profonde 1", LP 1984
14 - from v/a "77 KK", LP 1985

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