DALAPLAN - Du Gar Aldrig Ensam LP (NEW) (M)

DALAPLAN - Du Gar Aldrig Ensam LP (NEW) (M)

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In garage rock music there have always been desperate souls, which are an asset more than a load. There is even an entire album series of over twenty editions, containing rock'n'roll and rockabilly from the fifties, under the name "Desperate Rock'n'Roll". But the question is whether Niklas Svensson - singer, guitarist and songwriter in the Dalaplan group - is the most desperate of them all.

After the 2016 very nice "It doesn't get any better than this" group is finally back. One has changed companies and is now on the quality company Beluga Records. New company, but none of the group's senseless energy has been lost. Dalaplan has the same giggly, furious and sobering finesse, yes, just as extensive is their music, as Gaphals released their previous album.

Niklas Svensson's texts are sometimes so full of anger, remorse and anxiety that it becomes like staring into a composition of Edvard Munch's art. With often disastrous despair, he hurls out the words and is accompanied by musicians who can do everything about how soulful rock'n'roll should sound, when it goes against the third decade of the two thousand. Weakness and disappointment in love is the overall theme and the music is, in addition to heavy, even boundless, tight and tough. An extra plus to saxophonist Anna Asp, who blows the music to pure Sonics level.

Dalaplan has the very special ability to pick the best from all the genres of rock music. From the fifties and sixties rock'n'roll and pop, via the glam and punk rock of the seventies and beyond the eighties garage garage, Dalaplan has taken inspiration and built his own sound image. The parts are recognized, but the whole is entirely their own.

Dalaplan is unique! 



A2-Ni Slängde Mig åt Vargarna

A3-Ryggen Mot Väggen

A4-Du Går Aldrig Ensam

A5-Vad E Det För Fel På Mig?

A6-Hubba Bubba-idiot

A7-Sista Dagarna På året

A8-Jag Hör Vad Du Säger (jag Håller Bara Inte Med)


B2-Du Gav Mig Ingenting

B3-Bränner Min Ring Ditt Finger?

B4-Att Jag Aldrig Lär Mig

B5-Har Nån Sett Min älskling?

B6-Låt Mig Va´

B7-Så Som Jag Lever


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