FAST CARS - Every Day I Make Another Mistake DOWNLOAD

Product no.: DR075DL

That’s right - this is not a dream. Go on, pinch yourself. See - what you are seeing before your eyes is indeed a new ‘Fast Cars’ single. Yes, the same ‘Fast Cars’ that released the phenomenal and mega collectable ‘The Kids Just Wanna Dance’ single back in 1979 and has had serious record collectors searching all over for it ever since. The two tracks on this brilliant new single were written back in the golden days of 1978 / 1979 and recorded recently by the newly reformed group to coincide with the Japanese concerts that will be playing in the summer. This is a release for collectors and music lovers alike - it’s brilliant UK Power-Pop that is sure to make you all wanna get up, get down, bop, boogie, pogo and stomp. Showing that they have lost absolutely none of their power over the years this is a stunning comeback from a band that everyone thought had disappeared for ever.


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