SEMA 4 - In Memory Of ... DOWNLOAD

SEMA 4 - In Memory Of ... DOWNLOAD

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One Original Fan wrote….

 York, late 70's peeking into the 80's - it was dire for gigs, we had to travel for the bigger bands, Leeds mostly, the coast sometimes, Newcastle, Manchester or Sheffield at a push, not many bands played York because we had nowhere for them to play. Ok, the Forge Inn on the A64 got the odd one but it was a rarity. For the youth of the city who were into the music of the time it was difficult. We had the Arts centre next to the CO-OP, Lendal cellars, the De-Gray Rooms or that other place over the road - the Assembly Rooms. It was in both the Art Centre and De-Gray rooms that I saw all of York's finest the most - Xpress, Sema 4, Cyanide and the glorious Shove.

Sema 4 and Xpress were the two bands that I liked most - Junked Up Judy in its dayglo orange cover still sits in my collection right next to 4 from Sema 4 - a cracking EP. The two supported each other on many occasions and jumping around with my mates to them playing some of the tracks on this album made us feel part of something bigger. We were faces too in our own little minds, seeing likeminded souls wandering around the following day, giving them a knowing nod or discussing the gig in Red Rhino or the Grobs.

If you can and you've got the cash, search out their vinyl releases - strictly limited to the aspiring few - if not, get the CD, even that'd be an investment, failing that, settle for the download - sadly though, you'll know in your heart that you'll never get many opportunities to hold the real thing, for me, that's just not good enough - go on, sell a kidney, it's worth it.


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