V/A - Takin’ A Detour Volume 2 CD (NEW)

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The Leicester Squares - Rave Up At Doogaloo’s

The Apemen - Cash - See Also DRCD001 - DRCD011 - DR021 - DR071

Hipster - Woman That I Love - See Also DR039

The Rumble Bees - Nobody Smiles Anymore

The Snydes - Bubblegum Baby

The Nines - My Pocket

The London Underground - Love Is A Beautiful Thing

The Strawberry Smell - Balthazar - See Also DR053

Los Zoom - Out Of My Way

The Green Circles - Girl In A Morris Minor

Thee Cherylinas - One Day - See Also - DRCD001 - DR041

The Upper Fifth - Too Far Gone - See Also - DR067

Supersonic - Natural Born Groover - See Also - DR052

The Dilemmas - Everything Caved In Today - See Also DRCD006

It’s been a long time - a very long time (5 years!!) but now we can finally say "Welcome to Takin’ A Detour Volume 2". We’ve scoured the globe and have found 14 of the best Mod / Garage / Power-Pop / Acid Jazz cuts that money can buy. From the opening Hammond blast of ‘The Leicester Squares’ (UK) through the Power-Pop sensations of ‘The Rumble Bees’ (Sweden) and the Mod / Psych power of ‘The Strawberry Smell’ (France) to the 60's orientated Pop of ‘The Green Circles’ (Australia), the soulful stomp of ‘The Upper Fifth’ (UK) and the Acid Jazz grooves of ‘Supersonic’ (Belgium). That’s not forgetting the 60's Mod Power of ‘The Apemen’ (Germany), the primitive Garage of ‘The Snydes’ (UK) the pure ‘79 Revival sounds of ‘The Nines’ USA, the Hammond infused and soul stomping’London Underground’ (Italy), the Mod sounds of ‘Los Zoom’ (Spain) and the pure power of ‘The Dilemmas’ (UK). Rounding things off with two previously unreleased cuts from the ‘Detour’ vaults, Thee Cherylinas (Germany) and Hipster (UK) there is definitely something for everyone on this brilliant release. So sit back, and enjoy a trip around the world and around your mind courtesy of these fine bands and us here at Detour Records

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