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Well we might of done, but these four musicians from Swinton, Manchester have come up with the goods again! Originally formed back in 1977, these kids saw what was happening around them with the likes of The Buzzcocks, Slaughter and the Dogs, the Drones, Joy Division and wanted some of it!

Then releasing their highly acclaimed anthem "The Kids Just Wanna Dance" back in 1979 they have gone from strength to strength. They are more popular now then they ever were, just take a look on the internet and at the ever popular myspace pages. They can be heard and seen on the majority of these pages from Slovakia, Japan, America, Iceland, Canada and through out Europe. Kids that weren't even born cite them as an Influence!

This new album features classic tracks from the 70s that were lost in time and now re-recorded but with the same old passion alongside new tracks that will become anthems in their own rights!


Here we are today

Penthouse monkeys

Best friend 

Teenage 'art

Instant popstars

Way of the world

Who loves Jimmy Anderton

Tears are over

So James Dean

Turn on the radio

Piece of England

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