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FRIDAY 5th JUNE 2020

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Detour Records are proud to be releasing this new album by THE GENTLE SCARS who hail from the Liverpool area. If you are not familair with this band, check the link out below.... If you dig something that is a bit different and like to think outside of the what is MOD then you will like this. We think that they are similair to The Electric Stars, were the Stars mix up their sound with Glam and late a late 60s vibe, the Scars take more of a Garage Rock route while mixing it up with some dirty sleazy trash!


With unapologetic fervour, The Gentle Scars have trod fearlessly amongst the flotsam and jetsam of the darker side of life. They have embraced the Stygian night and travailed the deep ruts beneath the mainstream. They did not shy away from the seediness and seduction of these indulgent depths, rather they held them up as rampant banners to a world weary by homogenised and anaemic pop culture. They played in the dirt, and they played it the best. 

Now with the release of their new album, ‘Songs For The Loveless’ they have created something new. Something that resonates at a higher level. We are confronted by a band that have drawn their cloaks about them and stepped out of the shadows. Like warrior alchemists, they stride out from the mists of their years of experimentation and bring us their gold. This is the album where all the Magick happens.

With a line up that contains:- Stephen Lamb on vocals, Martin Dempsey on Bass, John Murray on guitar, Claire Rogers on guitar and John Lee Hase on Drums, and joined by Michael Livesley on keyboards, The Gentle Scars have manifested the light within the darkness. That which carried the opacity has been cleaned so that what was once obscure now shines with a luminosity that heralds a new paradigm. They have changed the criteria. In the seeking they have uncovered and in the uncovering they laid bare their souls.

The album made with the still fresh scent of the punk ethos lingering, was written, recorded and mixed in about a 500 yard radius of Lark Lane. Most of the songs conceived and written in the Que Pasa, recorded at Livo’s lounge by Michael Livesley and remixed by Graham Pengelly, all with a backdrop of plague and pandemonium. Added to all of this is an honesty within the bands new songs. On this album no games are played, no punches pulled. Every member has extracted their own history, their own lives into these tracks. The music unashamedly showcases the influences of their past, igniting the passions of the present and opening up for an ever more exciting future for this band. 

In the cauldron of The Gentle Scars they have turned poison to wine. What could have stayed in the lowest layers of oblivion, they have instead boldly broken the rules. ‘Songs For The Loveless’ takes you on a guided tour of the haunting depths they’ve trawled and yet inspires you each step of the way with a beauty and a breadth that shines like a beacon. This is a light born from darkness, a message straight from the source of all. In the bleakest of times The Gentle Scars have created something beautiful. 

Driving rhythms, sweeping guitars and clever lyrics deliver absolution. Where the disenfranchised, the sinners and the lost once wandered, The Gentle Scars have laid the path to a better place. This album carries within itself a sense of liberation. A place where freedom is no longer a dirty word. This album celebrates life with all its stains and bruises and pain, yet leaves you gloriously knowing you have been to the party of the year and the music will drag you back time and time again.

The album artwork was done by Steve Hardstaff, with Jason Griffiths providing inner sleeve photography. With thanks to HOBO KIOSK for helping out with the photoshoot. The album is being released by Detour Records with Guilty Dog Records.

Martin Sheehan


Dirty Like You

Said Too Much


TV Lover

Lost Queens Of Hollywood

My Heroine

Song For The Loveless

Mondo Trasho

The Pusher

Burton Buzz

Shadow Of A Kiss

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