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Detour Records are extremely proud to announce that they have finally bagged the REAL Modfather - Ian Page!!!!

For those of you that don’t know - Ian Page was the frontman of ‘Secret Affair’ - a band that rose to the top of ‘79 Mod Revival scene with singles such as the classic anthem ‘Time For Action’, with Ian Page becoming a real cult hero for the Mods with his outspoken interviews and real ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude.

Secret Affair released three classic LPs before calling it a day in the early 80's and Mods around the world mourned the passing of this great band.

Well, the mourning’s over as Mr. Page has got back in the studio with his old bandmate Dave Winthrop on saxophone and has delivered some of the most powerful work of his career.

The A-side of the new release is ‘Prove It’ - a brilliant statement of intent - it takes the epic Mod sound of ‘Secret Affair’ and marries it to a pounding soulful beat that could fill dancefloors within second, while the B-side is an amazing cover version of the Spencer Davis Group’s ‘I’m A Man’. The CD version features a bonus track as well, the sublime ‘Wasted Words’, a track that features all the ‘Secret Affair’ hallmarks but still sounds powerful and relevant today!

This brilliant release gives us back the power and soul in music that’s been sadly lacking since Secret Affair called it a day, and it’s great to have Ian Page back on the scene!

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