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Customer ratings for SHADOWLAND, THE - Superstar (SPLATTERED VINYL) LP + CD + DL (NEW)

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from on 03/12/2021
I read about this band in shindig magazine and thought it sounded right up my street. I am so glad I did as it has opened my eyes to a whole new band i didn't know about. How did this band not make more of an impression when they were going? How did they only get a 3 star review in shindig when they are head and sholders above the other bands reviewed. Great package as well which is a bonus. Really enjoyed reading about them and looking on youtube for their videos. Fun seeing what bands they influenced. I really wish I had seen them when they were going. I see lots of people asking for them to play more gigs and I would go for sure. Thank you for unearthing this for us
Buying again!
from on 05/10/2021
seen some mates were reviewing so adding in my tuppence. Brilliant, just brilliant. Its got everything. Great music, great cover and great inside printout with a history and comments from music industry figures. I've already got it but buying another one!
from on 05/10/2021
Another winner from the bright Spark. Power pop through garage to psych with a sprinkle of baggy. These guys helped kick off Britpop so hats off to them and this excellent anthology. Scotland never had it better
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