DYNOTONES, THE - Dynotones! - CD (NEW) (P)

DYNOTONES, THE - Dynotones! - CD (NEW) (P)

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This release features traditional surf tones, a mix of great covers and well-written originals, a vintage hot rod photo on the front cover and a Von Franco illustration inside the CD case and production by Deke Dickerson at his Ecco-Phonic Studio. These guys know what they’re doing – they’re a modern equivalent of The Lively Ones. Covers of "The Wolfman" and "It’s Monster Surfing Time" are excellent and they have some top-notch originals too – favorites include the "Malaguena" influenced "Senorita", a powerful stomper called "Shadow Man" and the mysterious, brooding "Devil’s Martini".


1-Spy From B.E.L.D.A.R. # 9

2-Surf Softly


4-Dynotone Stomp


6-99 A.D.

7-High Wall

8-The Fuzz

9-The Money Shaker

10-It's Monster Surfin' Time


12-Shadow Man

13-Devil's Martini

14a-Blood And Sand

14b-Jack The Ripper (Live)

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