FIRE EXIT - Live at the Wild at Heart - Berlin CD (NEW) (P)

FIRE EXIT - Live at the Wild at Heart - Berlin CD (NEW) (P)

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If you were there then you'll know what to expect but just in case you weren't then you'll need this in your collection as the band were on FIRE on this night.


The 40 Year of Punk Rock celebrations are now in full swing and this Scottish Punk Rock Quintet are in the middle of all the mayhem. After the success of their double album that came out a few months back that rounded up all their classic tracks they thought what's best to finish off this remarkable year? Yes, you got it.... A LIVE ALBUM.

This 17 track release showcases the band at their height and were on FIRE when these tracks were captured live at the "Wild At Heart", Berlin on 19th May 2017. You can sense the atmosphere in the bands playing and Gerry didn't let the audience down as he was on TOP form on this historical night!

The band would like to thank Uli and all his merry crew for making this release happen and for all the travelling fans that supported FIRE EXIT.

So to mark this event, ONLY FIT FOR THE BIN have decided to release this VERY SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION CD on only 250 copies. When they are gone, the release will be deleted so if you were there then you will need to grab this release quick!


Let The Show Begin

Hey Hey Are You Ready To Go?

Going Crazy

As Long As Were Alive


We’re Gona Drink

Wheelchair Outa Control


We’re All Together



Burn The Churches

Talking Bout Myself

Death Boredom



The First Time

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