FLESH EATERS, THE - No Questions Asked LP (NEW) (P)

FLESH EATERS, THE - No Questions Asked LP (NEW) (P)

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“Before the nihilistic hardcore of Black Flag and wasteland blues of the Gun Club was the void. And from that void crept forth a schoolteacher named CHRIS DESJARDINS who in the fall of 1977 was about to simplify his name to CHRIS D. and start one of the most complicated and uncompromising bands ever to emerge from Los Angeles. He had charisma and connections and an irresistible vision, and he recruited members of X, WALL OF VOODOO, THE CONTROLLERS, THE SCREAMERS, THE FLYBOYS and THE PLUGZ—a rotating roster of future punk legends who’d split time from their own bands to become THE FLESH EATERS. By the summer of 1980, the Flesh Eaters had left scorch marks across their genre and their generation both, releasing the debut ‘Disintegration Nation’ 7”, a compilation called Tooth And Nail and a first annihilating full-length called No Questions Asked that critic Richard Meltzer called ‘goddam genius.’ In the Flesh Eaters, murder ballads and cut-up Burroughs-ian imagery and wrecked-in-the-head rock ‘n’ roll were boiled and bled into one terrifying thing by people who practically invented West Coast punk, and who at the direction of Chris D. were now inventing something else. Now Mono Records releases this deluxe LP version of No Questions Asked with complete bonus tracks including the ‘Disintegration Nation’ 7”, the three tracks from the Tooth and Nail and never-before-on-vinyl demos restored at Chris D.’s direction—all material unavailable in the U.S. since its original release, and the definitive reissue of the last great lost L.A. punk band”. (Chris Zeigler)


A1-Sleeping Sickness-

A2-Jesus Don't Come Through The Cotton-

A3-Police Gun Jitters-

A4-Dynamite Hemorrhage-

A5-Ten Inch Razor-

A6-Kiss On My Cheek-

A7-Suicide Saddle-

B1-Cry Baby Killer-


B3-Crazy Boy-

B4-The Child Comes First-

B5-Home Of The Brave-

B6-Impossible Crime-

B7-No Questions Asked-

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