GIRLIE & LAUREL AITKEN - Scandal In A Brixton Market LP (NEW) (M)

GIRLIE & LAUREL AITKEN - Scandal In A Brixton Market LP (NEW) (M)

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This is a great collection of some of Laurel Aitken's early singles. Also included are a number of tracks from that period to flesh out the original album's length. It sold out pretty fast back in that whole skinhead era, and soon became a sought after collector's item. Besides the original album, there's a dozen extra tracks from Aitken's work for both the Pama and Bamboo labels from the same period. The booklet contains a good essay on the music and the era, along with some period record labels and album covers that are pretty cool.

This LP is that original album, plus a bunch of period tunes, that together, make for a great album. Don't let the skinhead label throw you off. This is some great period, early ska from one of the giants of this music. Aitken was popular in both the U.K. and Jamaica with his then new sound. Along with Aitken, Girlie is heard alongside him on a few tracks, and on one track alone ("Madame Straggae"), plus the great Rico Rodriquez is here with Aitken on two songs ("Babylon", "Stop The War In Vietnam"), both good tunes-more about them later. The Gruvy Beats (Aitken) are heard on one track ("Blue Mink"), which is also pretty cool sounding.

While the original album was seen as a political statement, the rhythms (courtesy of The Rudies) are some of Aitken's best work. Even the album title was part of Aitken's statement, along with the album cover-check it out and you'll see what I mean. The lyrics concern the politics of the day-even the (mostly) instrumental songs ("Babylon", "Stop The War In Vietnam") are tied into the political times. Aitken, like many here in the U.S., was against this protracted war that many saw as wrong. But he does lighten things up-going to Elvis country-with "Teddy Bear"-which is a bit of a departure to my ears. But now, forty or so years after it's original release, we can all revel in some of Laurel Aitken's best music from the period when he was (arguably) at his peak. Another good album from this same era, under Aitken's name, is "Laurel Aitken says Fire", also on the Pressure Drop label. Both of these albums (I think) are his best from this period, even better than "Ska With Laurel Aitken", his first collection of singles. But as I said, don't let the "skinhead" label fool you-this is some great early Jamaican/U.K. music from one of it's best artists. Hopefully with this release, this album won't be overlooked anymore.


A1 Scandal In A Brixton Market  
A2 Madame Straggae  
A3 Stupid Married Man  
A4 Tammering  
A5 Have Mercy  
A6 Night Cricket  
B1 Run Powell Run  
B2 Teddy Bear  
B3 Mr. Soul  
B4 Woke Up This Morning  
B5 Babylon  
B6 Stop The War In Vietnam
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