INDUST-BAG - Zavržena mladost (Rejected Youth) (RED VINYL) LP + CD (NEW) (P)

INDUST-BAG - Zavržena mladost (Rejected Youth) (RED VINYL) LP + CD (NEW) (P)

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INDUST-BAG is a band from Metlika, a small community on the edge of Slovenia. As early as after their first gig in Ljubljana INDUST-BAG attracted a lot of attention with their interesting sound. It resulted in being able to record their first demo very early on and they had a very strong performance at Novi rock, the biggest musical festival in Slovenia, in 1981. They contributed with four songs to VA ?Lepo je?? LP with other new (second generation) Slovenian punk bands, that was pretty much all they had time to do before they all, one by one, had to join the military. They continued to play, in fact they are still active today, although the band?s first years were never taken care of, nothing of the bands material (except for ?Lepo je??) was ever released. It?s a shame that some of the band?s earliest songs never made it to a studio, and was lost to us. Yet, on this release we have managed to gather some of the band?s gems that they were able to save. On this LP you will, among other things, find the unreleased first demo, consisting out of three songs as well as one song that was supposed to be on ?Lepo je?? and the band powerful live performance from '81 and '82


A1-1OO Db-

A2-Notranja Napetost-

A3-Pismo Za Drago-

A4-Naš Sosed-

A5-Notranja Napetost-


A7-Pismo Za Drago-

A8-Stara Gasa-

A9-Ti Si Stroj-

A10-1OO Db-

B1-1OO Db-

B2-Ti Si Stroj-

B3-Naš Sosed-

B4-Mestna Senca-

B5-Postopek (1982)-

B6-Bogovi Prekleti-

B7-Čimprej Od Vas-


B9-Zavrzena Mladost-

B10-Stara Gasa (1979)-

B11-Z Glavo Ob Beton (1979)-


B13-Tv S(r)anje-

B14-Cak Beri-

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