KREWMEN, THE - Plague Of The Dead - CD (NEW) (P)

KREWMEN, THE - Plague Of The Dead - CD (NEW) (P)

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Powerful stuff from the British Psychobilly band The Krewmen. Plague Of The Dead is their 4th studio album, and it includes killer covers of My Generation and I'm Not Your Stepping Stone along with many great Krewmen originals. Originally issued in 1988 when The Krewmen line-up included Mark Burke, later of The Phantom Rockers, on upright bass.


1-Plague Of The Dead-

2-Steppin' Stone-

3-Scream Of The Banshees-

4-Jeannie, Jeannie-

5-What's Wrong-

6-I Can't Stop-

7-Take A Little More-

8-My Clock-

10-Legend Of The Piper-

11-Do You Wanna Touch-

12-Beat The Devil-

13-My Generation-

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