LEFT HAND DRIVE - Who Said Rock And Roll Is Dead? CD (NEW) (P)

LEFT HAND DRIVE - Who Said Rock And Roll Is Dead? CD (NEW) (P)

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New 11 track release from this Northampton Cool proto rockin' punky band of outsiders. Formed in the early 1970s in Northampton. They featured the twin lead guitars of Jack Swann and Dave Clemmo, John Brasset on the bass and Scotsman Tommy Kerr on drums. On the vocals was Steve Parish, who previously played in another Northampton group called Windlord with John Brassett. After a couple of years touring in this format, Steve and Dave left the group to be replaced by singer Martin Harney. This was perhaps the most well known version of LHD, becoming much more dynamic on stage and speeding up the songs by 30 per cent and eliminating time wasting between songs. Two singles came out of this group: 'Jailbait / Motorway Crow (1977)' and 'Who Said Rock and Roll is Dead / I Know Where I Am (1978)'. The group went out with a bang in 1978 with an explosive gig at the famous ORANGES AND LEMONS in Oxford. Guitars and amplifiers were trashed and by the end of the evening half of the sound system was no longer operational. Jack Swann and John Brassett went on to form a group called THE RUSSIANS, who released 'No Title / Anything She Wants (1980)' on Lazer Records.

Martin Harney - Vocals

Jack Swann - Guitars (The Russians) R.I.P.

John Brassett - Bass, Backing Vocals (Windlord, The Russians, The John Brasset Group)

Tommy Kerr - Drums



Motorway Crow

Hard Days Easy Nights


I Ain't Afraid

Don't Panic

Who Said Rock and Roll Is Dead

I Know Where I Am

So Long Mr Nice Guy


I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

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