MADS, THE - On The Bus (BLUE WAX) 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

MADS, THE - On The Bus (BLUE WAX) 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

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The Mads, the first Mod band in Italy, are back with a new single! "On The Bus" b/w "The Way She Smiles" is the exciting follow up to last year's "What I Need / Virtual World" (2015). This new 45rpm is released strictly on BLUE vinyl and features two original songs. "On The Bus" is genuine power pop dipped in R&B and written by Marco Pertusati. "The Way She Smiles", written by Toni Graziani, drives along with a soul-beat characterized by intense vocal harmonies, a trademark of the group. Their old friend and close collaborator Flavio Candiani (a.k.a. Cpt.Stax) is debuting as a lyricist for both songs.

This year The Mads have crossed the UK border! An association with the London label Well Suspect Records (Acid Jazz), who appreciated their "motormod sound", resulted in 5 tracks recorded between 1979 and 1982 being included in the deluxe version of the seminal collection, "The Beat Generation And The Angry Young Men" and "What I Need" (Area Pirata / SGR) getting featured in "Generation Mod" amongst a selection of contemporary artists/groups. The artwork for "On The Bus" is, in this view, a humorous link between their hometown of Milan and their adopted city of London.

The new single highlights the innate artistic and creative qualities of the band. A balanced cocktail of immediate catchy melodies, tuneful vocals, structural simplicity (2 guitars, bass, drums) and tight arrangements. Their inspiration and the attitude hails from two historical decades: Mod Beat 60s style and the British R&B / Pub Rock sound of the 70s. Just like the previous single, these new recordings were made at Sunfex Studios, smartly engineered and edited by Davide Di Maio.

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1 - On the Bus
2 - The Way She Smiles

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