MARY'S KIDS - Death In Suburbia EP 10" + P/S (NEW) (P)

MARY'S KIDS - Death In Suburbia EP 10" + P/S (NEW) (P)

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Following hot on the heels of the excellent 'Crust Soup', Mary's Kids team up with the excellent Beluga Records to knock out a swift vibrant and bullshit free six track mini LP, Death In Suberbia'.  

Getting straight down to business it's out of the traps with menace and intent and 'Modern Life' pulls no punches, sounding not to dissimilar to dragSTER with a very similar attack and vocalist Mary (funnily enough) has exactly the right vocal delivery to compliment the brutal no frills punk rock and fuckin' roll music that she creates. 'Modern Life' clocks in at under a minute and will definitely kick your backside.

'Fubar' follows suit with a little more restraint but still focused and happening; Mary's Kids have struck a really rich vein of form and this six track EP is a great release, clocking in at a cool eight and a half minutes in total.

With no time to fuck about as the title track lays testament to with an oh-so-short but sweet assault on your senses there's hardly time to pause for breath before the next tune is fired up and the guitars wail and the drums get a real good kicking. There is simply 'Nothing You Can Do' and as melodic as the vocals are the music is totally uncompromising with some great lead guitars that wail and solo like there's no tomorrow.

I'm going to follow suit and keep this review as short and sweet as this EP. If you like your punk rock rockin' and you like great female vocals then you most definitely need Mary's Kids in your life. Vibrant, kicking ass punk rock from Sweden, what could possibly not interest you here?


Modern Life


Living In The Ice Age

Death In Suburbia

Nothing You Can Do

Lets Submerge

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