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MODERN PETS- Sorry. Thanks LP.  Berlin fuck ups the MODERN PETS stab out their own little corner of cool with their newest Ritalin-rampant rager 'Sorry. Thanks'.  Mixing the best elements of late-'70s/ early '80s Punk and adding their own little sparkling dash of NOW!  Germany's finest unleash a  dynamic album with fervent hooks,scratchy, corkscrewed guitar solos with a manic hyperactive personality that really sounds like no other band than the MODERN PETS.  By taking the snot-filled humor of the Dickies,  a smear of street grime from the Adverts, and a kiss of  pop seduction from the Buzzcocks and Generation X; the MODERN PETS create a timeless arsenal of degenerate-mutated Punk Rock hits.   Contagiously, catchy tunes from the newest heirs to the Deutstchpunk throne.




A3-The Walking Contradiction-

A4-Back To My Heart-

A5-Funeral Fun-


B2-Clocked Assholes-


B4-No Access-

B5-I'm Not A Brick-

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