MORDBUBEN AG - Mia Woan De Argeren LP (NEW) (P)

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One of the first austrian punk bands ever. a rocknroll band with a perfect dose of punk – attitude. Formed in 1978 they were, along with Chuzpe, the most essential band of the viennese punk scene.

They appeared of famous compilation ‘Wiener Blutrausch’ compilation wth three tracks. Ths antholgy contains their first single from 1979, the tracks from Blutrausch compilation, two unreleased tracks, and 2nd and 3rd singles and two tracks got from their album “Angst vorm Rock´n Roll?” LP


1. Mordbuben AG
2. Mi Hat, Mi Hat Der Grobenwahn
3. Heimatland
4. Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
5. Bleib Blod
6. Red Net Vuh
7. Panik, Panik
8. Auf & Davon
9. Vuh Zuvuh, Zuvuh
10. Verbotene Fruchte
11. Langsam
12. Hey Baby
13. Do Is A Mauer (Live In Berlin)

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