NO-THINGS, THE - Here Come ..... CD (NEW) (M)

NO-THINGS, THE - Here Come ..... CD (NEW) (M)

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The No-Things are a new garage rock and dirty 60s r'n'r band from Edinburgh Scotland. Quite Low-Fi and primitive, they are composed of Laurent from Les BOF! (main vocal, harmonica and percussions), Alex ex Carpet Sellers, No Whisky for Callahan (guitar + vocal), Edinburgh legendary drummer Calvin from Carbona, The Thanes and too many other bands since the 80s to list, and finally Scott from Dabster Production, ex The AMs (bass).
HERE COME THE NO-THINGS will hit your stereo with 14 own compositions. All killers, no fillers.


Don't get On My Tits

I Know An Old Woman

The Norvin

Diamond Ring

J'vais Etre Riche

Who Did You Rob Bob

The Dollar Bills

Purple Dance

Stickin' Around


Birds Flyin' Outta My Head

Why Do You Love Me?

And Then She Was Gone

I'm All Alone

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