OMEGA 4 - Use It Or Lose It CD (NEW)


OMEGA 4 - Use It Or Lose It CD (NEW)

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from on 20/02/2020
all your favourite hip themes played by a funky hammond organ outfit. mod jazz at its best. think kpm, jtq, the hawk. what's not to like?
Definitely recommend
from on 19/02/2020
Another winner from rod the mod. This man reinvents himself or rather his musical style within the mod genre every few years with each offering proving to be unmissable. From guitar to Hammond in a few years this release has grooves galore and you will know each tune bar one which I suspect is an original from the band. Looking forward to their next release with baited breath and poised for dancing. Don't miss out!!!!!
from on 10/02/2020
What an absolutely fantastic compilation of the best in Hammond grooves. Some tunes there you can't get anywhere else and all perfect for the dancefloor. Seen some videos of the band and they can deliver while looking cool. Why this band aren't playing around the country is beyond me. Play loud, dance and reminisce!
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