SICK THOUGHTS, THE - Terminal Teen Age LP (NEW) (P)

SICK THOUGHTS, THE - Terminal Teen Age LP (NEW) (P)

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Sick Thoughts- Terminal Teen Age LP.  Baltimore scumfucs SICK THOUGHTS come blaring outta the wasteland with 'Terminal Teen Age' and boasts an actual Teenager that blasts awesomely trash-tastic stabs of crude n cruddy Rock N Roll. Seething with nihilism, anger and a ridiculous amount of energy,  this is sloppy, shambolic  Garage Punk at it's best and threatens to explode into three different directions on each and every song.  The string-bashing guitar work alone throws surprisingly agile Blues, Garage and Rock N Roll riffs straight against the crumbling wall to create pessimistic, volatile Teen Age anthems with angst-ridden hooks and catchy, scream-along choruses.  13  bristling tracks of barbaric Rock N Roll trash with an obvious nod to greats like the Oblivians, Reatards, Teengenerate and the Gories.  It doesn't get much better than this.


A1-Blood Red-


A3-Last Day In Hell-

A4-Peaked In High School-

A5-Fifteen Minute Love-

A6-I Want Out-

B1-Ain't Nothing To See-

B2-Don't Relate-

B3-Can't Take No More-

B4-Did It Mean A Thing?-

B5-Getting Real Alone-

B6-My Brain Is A Mess-

B7-Fucked Up Feelings-

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