SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Live in Blackpool 1996 (RED VINYL) - LP (EX/EX) (P)

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Rare unofficial fan club album on Red vinyl. It has a Stickered front cover and was a limited edition of 300 copies that comes on a white label and features the Full live set from Holidays In The Sun festival back in 1996.


A1-Prayer For The Victim-

A2-Victims Of A Vampire-

A3-Boston Babies-

A4-Hell In New York-

A5-Run Away-

A6-Angels Of The Night-

A7-Quick Joey Small-

A8-White Light White Heat-

B1-The Bitch-

B2-I'm Mad-

B3-We Don't Care-

B4-Who Are The Mistery Girls-

B5-Where Have All The Bootboys Gone-

B6-Crancked Up Really High-

B7-Cocaine Smile-

B8-Twist And Turn-

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