SURF SCHOOL DROPOUTS - Summer Is A State Of Mind LP (NEW) (M)

SURF SCHOOL DROPOUTS - Summer Is A State Of Mind LP (NEW) (M)

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Surf School Dropouts- Summer Is A State Of Mind LP.  So, how is it that a quartet of musicians from Northern Denmark can release an album on a Spanish label and manage to produce some of the finest Californian sunshine pop albums I’ve heard in a long time. Channeling The Beach Boys as their primary influence, the band weave their magic over 14 tracks of near perfection, featuring songs with the optimism of early summer, the tales of fun in the sun and then the melancholy feel of autumn approaching accentuated by gorgeous harmonies, jangling guitars and also a slight Doorsian feel on tracks like the beautiful “Follow Sun”. Unabashed Brian Wilson love is the whole reason these guys exist and there’s nothing wrong with that. They are one of the few modern bands that can pull off gorgeous surf harmonies as good as this. Import from Spain. 


A1-Summer Is A State Of Mind

A2-Baby, I Long To Be Yours

A3-Follow The Sun

A4-Interlude I

A5-Beach Bound

A6-Searchin' For The Perfect Wave

A7-Road Ahead Of Me

B1-Favourite Record

B2-Run Away

B3-Interlude II

B4-Stone Cold Crazy

B5-Hold On To Me

B6-Interlude III

B7-Glad You Decided To Stay


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