SWAMPS - Kitano Homare LP (NEW) (M)

SWAMPS - Kitano Homare LP (NEW) (M)

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Swamps- Kitano Homare LP.  Raw and primitive caveman thud comin' atchya care of Japans most savage guitar stabbers...Swamps.  Boasting an impressive thunderous 3-guitar attack, these guys brandish some serious riff-heavy, six-string firepower that totally takes ya back to the rawer, trashier side of the Crypt Records back catalog.  Think Oblivians, Dirtys and Gories with a creepy, slimey Cramps-ey slither all harnessed by a demented lead screamer possessed by Hasil Adkins, Elvis and Lux Interior.  A rockin' riff-heavy mess bursting with fuzzed out, fucked up destructo-hits including the most wacked 'n cracked Devo cover yer ears will ever hear!  LP cover painted by Stan Zenkoff of The A-Bones.


A1-Nerd Man-

A2-Voodoo Calls-

A3-Gimme Some Money-

A4-Thee Cave-

A5-She's Mine-

A6-Egyptian Thing-


B2-Drag It Like A Snake-

B3-Dateless Night Trip-

B4-Ichibon #1-

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