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Dave Clemo states ....This is the follow up to my first book 'Too Young for Rock and Roll' (available on Kindle).
My first book covers my early childhood in West Cornwall in the 1950s and my teenage years living just off Ladbroke Grove, the epicentre of the underground music scene in the late 1960s. It describes my early attempts to make music using clapped out guitars and amplifiers. It ends in 1974 when I moved to Northampton.
This volume carries my story through to 1984. It's the definitive history of my rock band Left Hand Drive and my club covers band Conspiracy. You want to know what it was like as an ordinary musician in the 1970s? This book is for you. Also covers Pro Punk Rockers Left Hand Drive as well as the Northampton Punk Rockers The Russians!

'Part rock history, part autobiography Dave's books can also be read as social studies as they also capture some of the seismic shifts that swept the country. In an age of power cuts, strikes and three day weeks it can't be overemphasised how music added colour to the leaden seventies.'
Pulse Alternative magazine October 2018

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