TRIP TAKERS, THE - Jumper Blues 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

TRIP TAKERS, THE - Jumper Blues 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

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Here are the detailed and deep liner notes by Franco Lys Di Mauro to describe this new bright single by The Trip Takers!

We have the new Trip Takers’ work in our hands. Small and round. A black vinyl inside a flashy cover. On each side, there are two and a half centimetres of grooves from which a spring of crystalline sixties waters flows.
Moreover, they are from the Peloritani Mountains, who would have bet on it!

Jumper Blues and Another One continue in the likely, masterly recovery of the folk-punk that had already characterized the tracks of their splendid debut last year.
Harmonica, a bit of fuzz, Vox organ and faultless vocal harmonies, all aimed at recreating an almost perfect time bubble in which the silhouettes of Five Canadians, Knickerbockers, Marauders or Little Boy Blues seem to reverberate. The Trip Takers shake it with cynical self-confidence that blasts open a magical and stormy sixties world.
The music of this Sicilian quintet has a primordial essence that the band profess to be proud of channelling. They skilfully protect it from modern age influences, which could jeopardise their music. Instead, the music finds itself a place amidst the enchanted and remote beauties of the vintage universe.
A parallel and armoured world where, avoiding the clash with everyday life and its gray-poison, colourful dreams predominate and leave their decisive yet deceptive imprint.

The Trip Takers have created a present day sensation that in times past occurred in bands like Optic Nerve, Offhooks or Backdoor Men.
So be generous, buy and enjoy it!




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