V/A - Greater Manchester Punk 1977 - 1981 LP (NEW) (P)

V/A - Greater Manchester Punk 1977 - 1981 LP (NEW) (P)

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A compilation of 14 rare and previously unreleased punk / post punk gems from the lesser well known bands of the Manchester punk scene. The majority were usually the support acts for the more established acts such as Joy Division and Buzzcocks and some band members went on to legendary status with later bands (Mike Joyce, The Hoax). The DIY ethic of the late 70's punk subculture was the driving force that enabled these smaller bands the opportunity to record and have their tracks released on limited 7" vinyl releases. A number of these tracks have become highly collectable to the discerning punk collector. Sleeve Design: Trevor Johnson. Photograph: Shirley Baker.



1. V2 - Nothing To Do - V2

2. The Reporters - Office Staff - The Reporters

3. Elti-Fits - Going Straight - Eltifits

4. Pure Product - Rejection - Pure Product

5. The Panik - Modern Politics - The Panik

6. The Enigma - Play With Fire - The Enigma

7. Steroid Kiddies Accidents - Steroid Kiddies

8. The Hoax - Storm Trooper - The Hoax

9. The Critics - Without You - The Critics

10. The Change - Where Were U - The Change

11. Armed Force Popstar - Armed Force

12. The Still - 9.5 - The Still

13. Fast Cars - Kids Just Wanna Dance - Fast Cars

14. The Things - Pieces Of You - The Things

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