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The album begins with the song “Blow Me Up” that transmits strength and style with imaginative riffs, with a fascinating guitar solo and that great lead voice. "Blackberry Way" is a sensational version of the theme of The Move (1968), which brings lysergic sensuality and beautiful string arrangements. “The Birds Will Sing” is a tremendous download of freakbeat through an unbeatable instrumental and vocal combination. It is followed by “Turns To Black”, a beautiful ballad that stimulates the senses with an unheard-of beauty for two voices. In "Friday-And-Tuesday-Kids" the band recovers its more "rhythmblusera" side with self-confidence and elegance in abundance, building a captivating cadenced theme. We continue with “If Your Eyes” with its dreamy tempo between fascinating moments that will enthrall you. They return to their beat domains with “Summer Rain” and its suggestive melody between harmonic changes, with 12-string guitars and perfect rhythmic movements. The band also offers us a great version of "Why Have To Be Wait" (1966), a little-known song by the Norwegian Pussycats, after which they stun us again with that "Feel The Beat", a danceable song with a spectacular combination melodic and rhythmic. With enormous imagination, they cover the fiery soul with the contribution of metals from “I Take What I Want” (1966) by Sam & Dave. They continue with “Don’t Leave Me Like This”, another clever ballad that will make your hair stand on end. A marvel interpreted with enormous passion by its soloist, backed by an impeccable band that recovers its claw through "Tear Me Down" and its penetrating guitar phrasing to close with "Why Don't You Tell Me", the last of the excellences with own personality in this cluster of references and musical contributions of enormous depth that make up its wide range of sounds with “sixties” roots. The result is, clearly, the best of the albums to date by this great band that improves with each new installment, contributing fascinating own songs as well as great adaptations of other people's songs, molded to their personal imagination. If they ever try to blow you up to prevent you from dreaming of a better world, keep this album handy because it will be of great help to you to continue fighting for your ideals. ALEX MAGICPOP


A1--Blow Me Up

A2--Black Berry Way

A3--The Birds Will Sing

A4--Turns To Black

A5--Friday - And - Tuesdat - Kids

A6--If Your Eyes

A7--Summer Rain

B1--Why Have To Be Wait

B2--Feel The Beat

B3--I Take What I Want

B4--Don't Leave Me Like This

B5--Tear Me Down

B6--Why Don't You Tell Me

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