VINYLOS, THE - Like Wind To A Cloud (ORANGE VINYL) 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

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THE VINYLOS repeat the formula with their own theme and a version in this their second single prior to their new album, the third of their dazzling career, which will be released in September of this year. Once again they surprise us with their best creative, musical and poetic assets, through an original song entitled “Like Wind To a Cloud” in which they combine vocal sensuality and an instrumental ability that exudes grit and elegance. And on side B, a very special version: “Shirley Lee”, a sensational song of battle-hardened “garage rock”, by an almost unknown American group called The Waves, whose main factotum, John Basos, has kindly lent them. Virginia Izquierdo is back, of course, at the controls of production and recording, from her Multitrack studios in Tenerife, and on this occasion they have had the colorful design of Álvaro Ortega. After their previous single, which was also recently offered to us by Clifford records, with the captivating “Move On” and “I´ll Miss You (I will miss you)”, this new 7” single is going to get fans of THE VINYLOS are getting impatient, even more so, waiting for this new album that promises to be one of the best they have offered us in their intense career. [Alex Magic Pop]




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