X-PULSION - You Are Nothing But Schmucks LP (NEW) (P)

X-PULSION - You Are Nothing But Schmucks LP (NEW) (P)

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X-Pulsion was one of the first punk band in Belgium, Guitarist Jerry Wx previous band (Chainsaw) split in June 1977 and he joined Peter Schlager (vocals) to start X-Pulsion. First gig was with Michel Suntears on Bass and Klaus Klang on drums on 14 october 1977. By december Michel had been replaced by Klaus' brother Kurt.

"All songs are 78 demos / rehearsals from different cassette tapes except B6 from Follies TV Broadcast February 1978"
includes 20 page bookle



A2-Boys Of Good Race-

A3-You Inspire Me Shit-

A4-Gimme Envy-


A6-Castration 1+2-

B1-Idiot In Love

B2-Remember Me-

B3-No Solution-

B4-I Feel Down-

B5-You Talk Too Much-

B6-Castration + Schmucks TV-

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