A RIOT OF COLOUR - Everywhere A Maltby CD (NEW) (M)

A RIOT OF COLOUR - Everywhere A Maltby CD (NEW) (M)

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Long-awaited retrospective release by one of the finest bands of the UK ’80s Indie / Janglepop scene, with all tracks from the band’s legendary 12″s on Dreamworld and Everlasting along with several unreleased tunes including all four songs from their aborted second single!


1   Country                                                      

2   House                                                        

3   Skink                                                         

4   Newtown                                                   

5   Put To Sleep (4-track Home Demo)           

6   Your Brightest Clothes                               

7   Cold Hands                                                

8   Should Have Listened                                 

9   Sign '☮' The Cross                                     

10 Never Come Back (4-track Home Demo)  

11 Swallow                                                     

12 Too Close                                                  

13 Sign '☮' The Cross (Acoustic Version)        

14 Push To Shove                                           

15 Change Or Happen                                    

16 More Than You Can Afford

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